Best Running Gear for 2019

If you are looking to lose weight or become physically fit, running is an ideal choice. However, having the right gear not only helps you avoid or deal with dangerous situations but also enables you to run effectively. Your choice of running gear mainly depends on where you are staying or anticipating to run and your budget. For instance, running in dark or low light conditions, you need to wear protective gear that includes a reflective jacket so that you can be seen with ease.

On the other hand, running during winter and summer times require different running gears because the weather conditions are different. Here are some of the best running gear for 2019:

1. Running shoes

If you are planning to start running, you need a good pair of running shoes that’s a right fit for you. Therefore, you will have to wear the right choice and get the right type to avoid running injuries. To do it right, you can visit a running specialty store because there are experts who can evaluate your foot and running style before recommending the right type of shoe to buy.


There are numerous types of running shoes and you will have to make the right choice when buying to avoid wasting money or getting injuries while running. If it is your first time buying running shoes, the expert will measure your foot, evaluate your gait and then watch you run on a treadmill before recommending the shoe to invest in. Avoid picking a sneaker or any type of shoe because you like the brand, color or the price. There are other factors you need to consider before making the final choice.

2. Running clothes

When it comes to buying running clothes, you don’t have to buy an entire wardrobe at first. Instead, you can start picking a few items at first. Here are some of the items you need:

 Running specific socks

It is advisable for you to avoid wearing socks that are 100% cotton because they will absorb moisture if your feet sweat! Therefore, the ideal socks should have a synthetic blend to prevent blisters.


Polyester, CoolMax, and acrylic are the materials used to manufacture no blister running socks. If you are prone to getting blisters, you can wear a double layer of socks for extra protection.

Technical running clothes

Avoid wearing cotton fabric because once the fabric gets wet, they stay wet for a very period of time. This means that it will make you feel uncomfortable besides feeling heavy and probably having an odor. Instead, invest in clothes that have a synthetic wicking material such as polypropylene, silk, CoolMax, and Thermax.

If you are running under cold weather, the clothes you wear should keep you warm and dry. On the other hand, it is hot weather running, the clothes should wick the sweat away to prevent chafing.

Supportive sports bras

Supportive bras are recommended to women who are running or engaging on other high impact activities. When choosing the supportive bra, test it out by running and jumping up and down to make sure that it fits properly and does not stretch out too much.

Watch for running

These bras should be replaced after 72 washes when elasticity is lost or when your weight changes significantly.

3. Watch

Although it is not a must to have a running watch, investing in a watch can help you time your runs and maintain your pace when running. Depending on the type of watch you invest in, you can even track your heart rate and your route using a GPS.

4. Running belt

The belt is important because you can carry important items e.g. your ID, money and even keys. A running belt is not a necessity but having one is advisable because anything can happen during outdoor running.