What is the Perfect Team Building for Spring?

Having a team-building event every month or two is super beneficial for every member of your team. It offers much necessary relaxation, and it can improve motivation for those who need it. And spring is maybe the best season to organize super exciting events. Hence, let’ see what the perfect team building events for spring are.

Having a picnic

Picnic is maybe the most suitable team building activity during the spring. Reserve the spot in a nearby park, and have a beautiful day with your colleagues. You can organize everything on your own or you can ask each member of your team to bring one or two items. Ask your colleagues who possess the best culinary skills to do the cooking or baking. However, it is wise to follow the weather forecast before you decide on which weekend to choose for the picnic. You don’t want the rain to ruin your team building event.

Hiking or running

If you live near some open space or a small mountain, you should definitely organize hiking or running events. Sure, it is not an easy physical activity. But, it is super healthy, and most people would like to spend their free day running or hiking. You’ll enjoy some great sights and have great non-business conversations. Besides that, you can organize racing events during the day if you have a few volunteers. Competing is always a lot of fun, even when the atmosphere is completely relaxing. 

Play sports

Sports are great because they provide two things that people like – having fun and competing. However, it is not that easy to choose a game to play during team building since every person prefers something else. But if you can rent a large space or playground, your colleagues will have multiple choices. You can make two or three teams for basketball, while a few people can enjoy their tennis games. When it comes to team sports, it is always better to team up colleagues that don’t know each other well. It is a lot more interesting since they will get to know each other better while playing together.

Gardening for a good cause

There are many charitable events you can attend together as a team and help out your community. The garden challenge is maybe the most exciting one. It is magnificent to see how a not so great landscape transforms into a beautiful garden. Such an event can motivate employees, not only because of the positive outcome but also because they’ll have a lot of fun during gardening. They will share their creative ideas, and hopefully, find the best solution for the garden. And finally, you will feel great when you finish the job. You will know that, together, you and your colleagues have done something amazing and beneficial to the community.

Create a rough guide

This is a perfect urban team building activity. It is great because of two things – exploring a new city and working together as a unit. So, what is it all about? Your job is to find out everything you can about that city – all facts, local stories and delicacies, as well as hidden gems. Once you gather all this information, you’ll be able to create a city guide. Creating a rough guide is excellent for strengthening connections between team members, and also, for promoting your company and its branding and messages.

Remember, it is essential to organize team-building events whenever you can. Of course, business is always the most important. But from time to time, people need to relax and forget about everyday duties. Talk to your colleagues, and find the most suitable event that (almost) everybody likes.