What Is Legal Assistance

You may have come across the term legal assistance and probably wondered what it meant. What you need to know is that this term describes a wide range of services. But in simple terms, legal assistance means granting an individual legal help so that they’re treated fairly before the law.

It ensures that justice for everyone. Let’s look at the various types of legal assistance to help you understand better.

Legal counsel

When faced with a legal issue, there are several options to ensure you get a favorable outcome. One type of legal assistance you can get is counsel or advice. It’s where a legal professional evaluates your situation and advises you on the best decision to make, either through a face to face consultation, phone, or email.

For instance, if you’re facing domestic violence, foreclosure, or an unlawful eviction, a legal professional can offer vital advice on the best course of action to take. If you need legal assistance, you can check out rosenthal and rosenthal and see whether they can help you.

Initial legal assistance

This is where an attorney negotiates or advocates an issue for an individual, without litigating or lodging court proceedings formally. An example would be a lawyer helping a person draft a letter when you’re facing foreclosure. This way, you and your legal assistance professional can solve the problem without having to go to court.

Legal representation

This type where a legal professional helps you further than the initial legal assistance. He/she may be tasked with the work of representing someone formally in a legal issue such as child custody during divorce proceedings and drafting various documents such as contracts and wills. This type of legal assistance may also involve document preparation for court proceedings and court representation.

If you’ve been wondering what is legal assistance, I hope now you have an idea. Should ever be faced with a legal issue, get the legal support that will ensure you receive equality and are treated fairly in each step of the process.