7 Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Buying things online has become quite an important part of today’s society. It seems that we are lazier and lazier when it comes to actually going to the store - to that extreme that we even order groceries from the supermarket online. However, this does have its perks, as you have more time to finish some other responsibilities. Because of that, people often buy clothes online as well - sometimes it is cheaper, sometimes it is simply easier. But what happens with the shoes? This is a rather tricky thing to buy online, yet people do it. How and what should you bear in mind?

1. Pay attention to the size

The biggest problem when buying shoes online is that you do not have the slightest idea if your shoe size will fit or not. Different companies produce shoes that differ in size and you can never be 100% sure. One way to make sure you get shoes that fit you is to measure the size of your foot and see if the website you are ordering shoes from has a chart so that you can convert those measurements into a shoe size. If not, you can always write to them and see if their sizing is the regular one. However, even if you make a mistake, many companies give you the option of returning them and getting a bigger/smaller size.



2. Know where you shop


Another tip is to know where you actually shop and to use websites that you know are safe. There are many shops that are either fake or shops that sell products that are not so high-quality as stated on the website. Look at the rates and ask for recommendations. If you want to order, for example, fashionable and durable online shoes in Australia, opt for trusted options. Other countries also have their own safe online shops where you can shop till you drop.



3. Pay attention to the materials

Many online stores lie about the materials their shoes are made from, so this is something you want to know beforehand, especially if you are using a website for the first time. If you do not have recommendations, you can also read their rating on Facebook or go through their Instagram comments to see if someone wrote something negative. If not, you can always risk it.



4. The test order

The first order is definitely going to be a test one. You might have been ordering clothes online for quite some time, but it is a completely different thing when you have to buy shoes. This is why the first order is your test one - if everything goes according to plan, you can shop your life away!



5. Look at shoe photographs

The photographs of the shoes that you want to buy are definitely important, as this is where you will see every detail about them. However, bear in mind that it is very easy to fake this. What you want to look for are photographs that are large enough so that you could zoom in and see every inch of the shoe. This is how you will know that the photograph is original (as who else has an HQ photograph of a random shoe?)



6. The possibility of a return

So, before you click on the pay button, make sure that you read the e-commerce’s returns policies. Some shops have severe policies, and you want to know that you can return your pair of shoes if they do not fit or if something happens to them very quickly. Very harsh policies often mean that something is not right with the shoes themselves, as people who have nothing to hide have much more laid-back return policies.



7. Try them indoors

Once you get them, the first thing you want to do is try them on, of course. However, try them indoors as you do not want to damage them or make them dirty. This is a great way to ensure that you can return them and get a new pair or get a refund. 



Shopping for shoes online is definitely easier said than done, but once you do it once, everything will be much easier in the future. Good luck and may you find the shoes that fit best!