How Can I Be Good At Dating

Let’s face it, dating can be trickier than it should be. Besides, people ask themselves endless questions such as what to wear, where to meet, who to pay the bills, and how much you should say, among others. With so many questions, it becomes a challenge to know your date and you end up giving up saying that dating is not meant for you.

We would like to rebuild your confidence by proudly telling you that dating is for everyone and when done right, it is amazing and can lead to great relationships. Here is how you can be good at dating.

Focus on first impressions

First dates are always overwhelming and if you want yours to count, streamline into making your first moments amazing. According to experts, it takes only twelve minutes for someone to decide on whether they want someone or not.

The person you want to date will be attracted to you based on how good your first moments are. Therefore, make eye contact, be polite, focus on what your date is saying and most importantly, smile.

Avoid over-sharing

When going out for the first date, people are so excited that they are willing to share almost everything; past, present and the future with their dates. Unfortunately, that’s one of the reasons why many dates don’t lead to relationships. According to experts, word-vomit can happen when you least expect and you can find yourself saying things you never intended your date to know.

Therefore, don’t share too much information about yourself unless asked, and most importantly, never mention anything to do with your ex-lover.

Date, date, date

Many people make a mistake of thinking about every person they meet as a potential soul mate. People are different and not everyone can have the qualities you’re looking for. Fortunately, every person has something to offer especially if you keep an open mind. If you find out that your workmates, school mates or friends you’re dating don’t have what you are looking for, change your game and consider a local dating website because the person you are longing for could be waiting for you there.

Turn your phone off

We are living in a digital age and people are finding it convenient to spend time on laptops or phones and connect with their special ones on social media. Unfortunately, phones are becoming one of the things that kill relationships, and you don’t want this happen to you even before the person you’re dating says yes. The last thing you’d expect is for your phone to ring or vibrate while having a great time with your date. So turn it off and enjoy your conversation as you look forward to having more time with your date in the future.

Other things to focus on to be good at dating

· Be confident

· Keep your conversation fun

· Meet somewhere you’ll feel comfortable

· Be real