How To Properly Set Up And Use Boxing Gloves

Different types of sports use different types of boxing gloves for protection but they are mainly used in boxing. Boxing has two main types which are used during training and during matches. Either way, you need to choose the right size and wear it up properly in order to protect yourself and your opponent.

Getting the right glove

The internet has more info on how to choose a suitable boxing glove but sometimes coming across such information is difficult. Despite this, you can easily choose the right glove once you know what you weigh.

For instance, those who weigh more than 175lbs should use18oz or20oz gloves whereas those who weigh less than that can choose between 8oz and 16oz gloves. Always ensure that the glove doesn’t fit tightly.

Wrapping up

The next step in setting up your gloves is wrapping up your hands properly before you wear the gloves on top. Start by creating a loop over your thumb then wrapping behind the hand. Roll the wrap around your wrist three times then again three times over the hand.

Next, start wrapping between the fingers making sure to pass the wrap at the back of your hand to create X. once you’ve covered every finger, go back to the thumb and wrap across it.

Make sure to pass the wrap over your palm then wrap around your knuckles three times. Complete by creating some more X’s around the back of your hand then finish off at the wrist. Make sure your hand remains flexible enough to fold and unfold.

Wrapping is usually the most complicated part of using a boxing glove. With this completed successfully sliding on your glove shouldn’t be a problem. Remember to use bag gloves during your training sessions and sparring ones during your competitions.


During training, wrapping your hands isn’t mandatory as the bag gloves offer more protection. You can, however, do it to help you practice. As a beginner, you should try wearing a 12oz glove since it gives you extra protection through extra padding. Since gloves come in a fist shape, your fingers will automatically “curl” when you wear them.