Is The Kalalau Trail Dangerous

The Kalalau trail is renown and the most beautiful hiking area on the planet. However, the trail is hazardous, and not everyone is fit to hike the trail. It’s not recommendable for people who are not physically and mentally fit. Those who have a problem with following rules and regulations, as well as warnings, should also keep off the Kalalau trail.

Some accidents can be avoided while some cannot, and that’s why being cautious and paying close attention to simple set guidelines is essential.

Some of the things you need to know about Kalalau and safety

Many incidents at this magnificent scenery go unreported throughout the year. The sad fact is that streams along the Kalalau trail swell up with less or no warning signs at all too dreadful levels all the time. Rocks falling off from the cliffs too, have buried hundreds of people during the hiking activities.

The area is also known for its series of rains, which take up to three hundred and thirty days a year, making it, even riskier to maneuver through the narrow, slippery trails with strong riptides for hikers. If you need more info, you can check it out here.

Besides these hazards, one has to put up with loose, unstable paths, heat exhaustion, ups and downs, dangerous animals and plants as well as leptospirosis. One can also not make any emergency calls while hiking the slippery Kalalau trails since there is no coverage for a cellphone.

Follow the set rules to ensure you’re safe always

Everybody who is set for a Kalalau trail hike should first be aware of the dangers associated with the area, then make an informed decision to minimize the risks involved during the hiking process.

If one is incapable of doing this, then it’s advisable to opt-out. Make sure you follow all the rules set by the state of Hawaii once you get a permit and know the weather patterns of the area before hiking. The Kalalau trail is a fantastic place to be, but being cautious and following instructions is what will keep you safe and alive throughout the trip.