How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore

Fever blister i.e. cold sores appear on the lips and around the mouth in the form of fluid-filled ulcers. They are usually caused by Herpes Simplex Virus and will last for a week or a bit longer. While they may cause slight discomfort, the bigger issue is that they look very unflattering because of their crusty appearance. However, you can treat cold sores in several ways instead of waiting for them to go away on their own after even a few weeks. With the help of home remedies, medicines, and higher vitamin intake, you’ll be able to get rid of cold sores quickly but also prevent them in the future. Here are a few handy tips.

Treat it with home remedies

Cold sores can be treated with the various ingredients you already have in your kitchen cabinet. Some of the remedies will reduce the chance of future infections, while others will limit the spread of the virus or simply alleviate the pain. Lip balms with at least 1% lemon balm and lemon tea compresses will be great for cold sores. You can also try to get rid of a cold sore with witch hazel oil, mint and peppermint oil. Since cold sores are very dry patches, consider applying aloe vera gel to moisturize the area and make it less irritating. Cold sores are most commonly caused by a weakened immune system, which is why you should start taking echinacea with your tea or as a supplement to boost your immune system.

Medications will help too

Antivirals are the medicines that have been proven to be very effective in treating cold sores. Moreover, they will manage to stop a virus from replicating as long as you act on time and apply the medicine early on, even before you can actually see it. A sense of burning or tingling around the edge of the lips will be the first indicator that within 24-48 hours a cold sore will emerge. Once you spot a tiny red bump, apply the best Cold Sore Cream immediately to prevent the cold sore from further developing. Not only will this prevent the cold sore from growing, but it’s possible that the size of the sore and the healing time will be reduced as well. Aside from topical remedies, anti-viral tablets are also good at treating cold sores.

Fuel up on vitamins

Vitamin E is wonderful at repairing damaged skin cells and helping the body grow new ones. Therefore, feel free to consume more Vitamin E-rich food such as nuts, whole wheat, and leafy greens. For your immune system to stay strong, have plenty of Vitamin C in your diet and help the body fight infections better. From citrus fruits to various berries, tomatoes, peppers, kiwis, broccoli, and spinach, these are all packed with highly-needed Vitamin C.

Learn how to prevent it altogether

Preventing a cold sore is a much better approach than having to treat an already unflattering outbreak. Cold sores can have various triggers, so be sure to keep your immune system strong for starters. Not only will you be cold sore-free, but you won’t be able to transmit it to other people either. Some of the possible triggers are lack of sleep, stress, sun exposure, and hormonal changes. To prevent transmitting cold sores to others or getting one from others, limit contact with other people. Don’t touch, scratch, or pick at cold sores because that will only transfer the virus to the hands, making it much easier to spread to the fingers, and eventually to others.

Cold sores are very unpleasant but can be successfully treated and even prevented. As long as you’re proactive with your health and keep your immune system strong, you should be safe from cold sores. If you do end up getting one, just be sure to act quickly and help it go away in a few days with topical creams or home remedies.