How to Look Thinner With These 5 Styling Tips

It seems that the biggest problem we have is the fact that sometimes, we do not look thin enough. This is why we are constantly trying to lose weight, hit the gym hoping we will fix whatever we want to, or simply buy clothes that will cover all our body parts that make us self-conscious. But did you know that fashion can make you look thinner? If you think that is only an urban legend, think again, or rather, go through this article and let us teach you how to show the best parts of your body and accentuate your figure in the best possible way with fashion:

  1. Skinny heels with pointy toes

One of the best ways to accentuate your figure and look thinner is by actually looking taller. Since you cannot really go to the doctor and demand those couple of extra centimetres, you can turn to your favourite high heels. Legs always look sexier in high heels, and if you want to make your body appear skinnier, you should opt for heels that are high and that have pointy toes. This will extend your narrow silhouette and make your legs look longer, and thus your whole body skinnier.

  1. The skin up top

Next up, you can always choose to show some skin with a good V-neckline. This upside-down triangle creates an illusion and makes your upper body longer and thus skinnier. The good thing about V necks is the fact that you can match them with whatever you want and you will still look your best. This is why it is recommended to combine a V-neck with some biker jeans and make the most of your outfit. If you add the skinny heels with pointy toes from the first tip, you have yourself a killer look.

  1. Use the perks of jewellery

Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and not everyone understood what she meant. There are people who still think that it’s because of diamonds’ price, but the truth is that jewellery can definitely do wonders for the female body. Using jewelry strategically is one of the things you have to learn how to do. For example, if you have a shorter neck or stronger hips, you simply have to go with longer necklaces. These add length to the neck and take the attention off of your hips. Cocktail rings and nice bracelets, for example, draw the attention to the hands and wrists, rather than the upper arms

  1. The straight leg

Skinny jeans have been extremely popular in the last couple of years, but unless you have killer legs and a great bottom, you might not be quite comfortable wearing them. However, if you are not satisfied with the shape of your legs, you can turn to the straight leg, which is the most flattering style for any woman. This will give the illusion of having great legs, especially because it does not follow the leg line, and thus your insecurities will not show. Combine this with high heels or sandals and you’re good to go. Remember to avoid any extra details that catch the eye – keep it plain and simple.

  1. Go with one colour

Finally, make sure to go with one colour if you want to look taller and skinnier. If you’re wearing a top and bottom of the same colour, it will create the illusion of a vertical line, which means that you will look skinnier to the people around you. If you make a big contrast between your top and bottom, you will draw attention to the middle, which is definitely something you don’t want.


As you can see, it is actually quite easy to create the illusion of looking skinner if you follow fashion in the right way. Make sure not to make any fashion mistakes and always opt for clothes that hide the body parts you are insecure about. If you opt for patterns, opt for vertical lines, not horizontal ones. Making yourself taller means making yourself skinnier – remember that.