Where Do You Travel When Young And Broke?

When life grows stale, sometimes getting away from home and work is just the thing you need. Traveling, however, can be quite stressing for a young and broke individual. There is nothing worse than being adventurous only to be inconvenienced by the high prices of the places you dreamt of going. Here are some of the cheapest places you can travel to:

Costa Rica

Hard pressed for cash? Costa Rica is the place to go to. She has rich biodiversity, including national parks and pocket-friendly accommodation. You can also find more info about the destination and all other destinations at the click of a button.


Famously known for its chaotic capital, Thailand’s capital city; Bangkok, is filled which very cheap hotels that can go as low as $20 a night and even flight costs are low especially when booked in advance.

The country also has beaches, shrines and interesting culture that will keep you entertained.


Life in India is a lot cheaper for tourists visiting the country, especially if you are young and broke but still want to travel. India has a lot to offer for the adventurous ranging from their fantastic cuisine, biodiversity, and beaches, all of which are quite cheap. The accommodations are also well within the means for broke guys.


When people think of Indonesia as a destination, Bali comes to mind as a tourist destination. The country is not only filled with islands that you could explore, but it is also economical for broke but adventurous travelers.


If you need a change of scenery to spice up your life, then Morocco is the place. The country is filled with beautiful dunes, camel rides, cuisines, and rich African experience that you can easily afford.

To conclude, traveling can be quite challenging a young individual, particularly those of whom are also low on cash. With the right information, one can travel and enjoy all life has to offer especially if you are a young individual with financial constraints.