How Long Does Cbd Oil Stay In Your System?

Over the last few years, Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained popularity particularly due to the fact that it’s being used as a popular alternative remedy for various issues such as pain and anxiety. CBD also comes with tremendous benefits which have convinced people from all over the world that it’s actually a better pain killer than steroid creams and medications. CBD oil is the most commonly used CBD-based product and for your own safety, it’s important to know how long it stays in your system.

If you take CBD oil regularly and you’d want to reduce or stop your daily intake before scheduled medical or exercise checkup, keep reading as we tell you how long it stays in your system.

Can CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

If you’re planning to go for an interview for a life-changing job opportunity, chances are that the company will perform a drug test and you’d want to know if CBD will show up. CBD is simply an all-natural product readily available in hemp shop online and is viewed as safe.

However, don’t be surprised if it shows a false positive result. Basically, CBD oil regardless of how pure it is may contain THC though in trace amounts and can be detected in a drug test.

So how long does CBD oil stay in your system?

Once you ingest CBD oil, it takes few minutes to take effect and how long it leaves your system to depend on various factors such as;

· Your dosage

· Your weight

· Whether or not you had eaten beforehand

· The method of administering CBD oil

With this information, however, there is no definitive answer on how long CBD oil stays in your system. Various medical experts and lab experts have reported that CBD takes 10-40 minutes to start reacting in your system and its effects are expected to last for nearly 5-6 hours. After about seven hours, the user stops feeling the effects of CBD because its concentration in the blood lowers every hour after the initial dosage. However, be warned that this does not mean that CBD has exited your body system completely.

Remnant traces of CBD will still remain in your bodily fluids and blood and can be detected through a medical laboratory test. In some CBD users, the remnant trace might take 4-5 days to exit their body system completely and if the user consumes it in large doses, it will take more than 5 days.

A Study that Supports CBD Clearance Time

In a certain study, various CBD users were given a high dosage of CBD and each of them took 700 mg daily for thirty days. They then stopped taking CBD for a week but their blood still had traces of CBD and also tested positive for CBD. After the 30th day, CBD was traceable but after the 37th day, it was still there though untraceable in their body system.

From this study, it is evident that taking standard doses of CBD will stay in your system for five days. However, the exit time may vary depending on your body weight and age of the user, but it cannot take longer than two weeks.

Final thought

People are different and so is their drug habit usage. This means when your friend tells you that CBD oil exited in their body for a day, it shouldn’t justify that the case will be similar for you. CBD oil has been effective in pain management and once you consume it, it will take up to seven days to be undetected in your system. Therefore, if you have been called for an interview, be on the safe side and stay away from CBD oil seven days before the due date.