Shape Your Body: Top 4 Cosmetic Treatment Trends For 2019

Cosmetic surgeries have been around for a long time, and as years went by, they became an integral part of our society. Nowadays, cosmetic procedures are something that is considered normal, even a standard when it comes to certain professions. With Hollywood actresses and singers gracing red carpets with their dreamy smiles and perfect physique, it’s easy to see why so many people are opting for elective surgeries these days. Many look up to and feel inspired by their favorite celebrities, and the stars’ tendency to look perfect 24/7 is rubbing off on them. Since the beauty industry is all about innovation, it can be hard to choose the procedure that is right for you. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of four cosmetic treatments that are trending in 2019 – read on to learn what they are.

A liquid facelift to enhance the existing features

Aging is something that most of us would like to delay or completely avoid, if possible. As we grow older, we see a decrease in facial fullness due to the loss of fat, muscle, and collagen. Many of us turn to cosmetic procedures to slow down the process of aging, and the one treatment that is becoming increasingly popular these days is a liquid facelift. The procedure alone combines the use of injectable dermal fillers and Botox and is based on lifting, plumping, and filling the skin on the face, and the use of Botox in addition to fillers makes the results last longer. The liquid facelift is the go-to for those looking to reclaim a younger appearance, and we’re certain to see more of these procedures done in the future.

Soft tissue fillers for a natural-looking pout

A minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, soft tissue fillers have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Lip fillers became a trend when reality star Kylie Jenner admitted to using them to make her lips appear fuller. The plump pout this celebrity sported back in 2015 got many people scheduling their appointments for lip filler treatments, with the number of procedures skyrocketing in the following years. However, these days the accent is on a natural look, which is why the said star decided to dissolve her fillers and adopt a more natural look. Many decided to follow suit, turning to soft tissue fillers as an alternative. By gradually building up to the desired effect, the patients don’t have to worry about the tell-tale signs of lip fillers, resulting in naturally-contoured lips. The excitement about fuller, plumper, but still natural-looking lips remains at an all-time high and doesn’t seem like it’ll be dropping any time soon.

Liposculpture as the ultimate leader in cosmetic procedures

One of the cosmetic procedures that’s becoming more prominent nowadays is liposculpture. Body contouring is getting more popularity month after month, especially in countries like Australia, as everyone is eager to proudly display their beach body and look their best on their summer vacation. Therefore, it’s no surprise that women from the western part of this country are so eager to book liposculpture in Perth to achieve their desired appearance. This beauty treatment can help shape the body by extracting fat from certain areas that the patient feels insecure about, permanently taking away excess fat cells and resculpting the targeted parts of the body in a fast and safe way. Its lasting effects and instant results are what makes this elective procedure so popular that it seems it will stick around for a long time.

Non-surgical nose job as an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty

With so many patients looking for small, subtle changes, it’s become clear that the era of dramatic, over-the-top surgical procedures has come to an end. Nowadays, people are more interested in non-invasive “tweakments” and touch-ups that will provide the same effect as their invasive versions, minus the risk, the downtime, and the side effects that often accompany surgical procedures. Nowadays, dermal fillers are used as an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. They’re injected both below and under the “bump”, so even the noses with the most prominent of bridges can be reshaped to look straight. In addition, this cosmetic treatment doesn’t involve any pain, and it’s not permanent, so you can reverse the results if you’re not completely satisfied. It can also be used to correct rhinoplasty that has gone wrong, and the fact that you can easily get back to work after undergoing it earned this beauty procedure the status of a ‘lunch break treatment’.

There you have it – four trending beauty treatments for 2019. The four procedures presented above are by far the best and the safest beauty procedures at the moment. Whichever procedure you choose to undergo, you’re sure to boost your confidence and feel amazing in your skin.